Fixing Car / Steering / Pedal Vibrations (1)

Reason #1: Your Tyres & Wheels

The symptoms here are speed sensitive, and might be completely unnoticeable until a certain speed. 


  1. Have the wheels balanced. Visit a bigger shop with a good dynamic wheel-balancing machine.

  2. Are there any obvious lateral movements / bulges? Replace damaged tyres that have bulged. Check for "runouts" on your wheels and tyres, both radially and laterally.

  3. Check for bends, warps and cracks on your wheels. Steel wheels tend to bend more easily, while alloy wheels may crack upon a severe impact. A bent steel wheel can be repaired on a wheel straightening machine, but there are few specialists for alloy wheel repairs in India.

  4. Was your car parked at the same spot for a few months, without being driven at all? Your tyres may have developed "flatspots". Driving around for a few kms should bring things back to normal.