Don't Drive With Holes In Your Wheels - Cover Them With These Center Caps



You don't have to be an auto enthusiast to notice how terrible a missing center cap makes your wheel and entire vehicle look. Whether it's a small cap or a large one, it's hard to deny that a gaping hole in the center of your wheel creates a run-down appearance. If you were considering the purchase of a car with missing center caps, you might suspect the rest of that vehicle wasn't as well-maintained. No doubt, you'd make a lower offer as a result.

Needless to say, replacing missing center caps is essential if you're selling your car or truck. But even if you plan on keeping your ride awhile longer, there's no reason to delay your purchase. You'll still have to buy them whether you order today or later, so why wait? Ordering the ones you need won't cost a lot, and you'll get to enjoy how they look while you still own and drive the car. 

In this article, we'll look at OEM style replacement center caps that we offer. Traditional advice says when shopping for new center caps, make sure they're not designed for only specific aftermarket wheels. However, products referenced here are manufactured with the same shapes, dimensions, and appearance of your original center caps - so they'll fit tightly on factory rims, and look right doing so. 

Types Of Center Caps

First, it's important to define what a center cap is - because they come in different varieties. The first type is most common on newer cars with aluminum wheels. These are small, removable pieces that snap in place within the center of the wheel. We'll refer to these as "center caps" because they only cover the very center of a wheel, and are too small in diameter to extend out to where the lug bolts/nuts are.


A typical small cap which snaps into the wheel center.


Styled center caps sit flush with the wheel and cover lug bolts. 

A second type of center cap is a larger, styled piece that's integrated into the design of the wheel. These are typically found on aluminum wheels, and sit fully flush with the rest of the rim. They also cover lug bolts completely once they're snapped into place. We'll refer to these as "styled center caps". 


Center hub caps are usually found on older American cars, and newer trucks.

The third type of center cap is usually found on older American cars and trucks, and does not sit flush with the wheel. These caps are similar to traditional hub caps because they literally cover the wheel hub area. With the exception of truck center caps, lug nuts and bolts are fully covered in most cases. These caps may be basic in appearance, or they may be a continuation of a stylized wheel design. 

Center Caps For Classic Vehicles

If you've got a classic General Motors car or truck, we recommend taking a look through OPGI, Goodmark, and Trim Parts (mostly Chevy) offerings. There, you'll find faithful reproductions of small center caps, hub caps, and even trim rings for iconic Buick, Chevrolet, Olds, Pontiac, and Cadillac wheels - complete with original factory logos. 


OPGI offers a variety of center cap types for GM vehicles.


Trim Parts specializes in Chevy center caps, especially spinners. 

The FPAP Wheel Center Cap Insert is designed to work as replacements for 1966-74 Dodge and Plymouth models. While overall designs match those of originals, these do not feature automaker names or insignia. OER Wheel Center Caps specialize in 1955-2002 Chevy models along with select Pontiac and Chrysler muscle cars. 


Goodmark center caps. 

Center Caps For More Recent Vehicles


Dorman Wheel Center Cap variations. 

If you've got a car or truck from 1990s vintage through today, we've got the replacement center caps you need. For starters, we've got a wide range of center caps for a variety of cars and trucks dating back to 1977 on our Dorman Wheel Center Cap product page. If you’ve got a Ford model, check out our Ford Performance center cap page. 


Ford Performance Wheel Center Caps. 

For modern Pontiac performance models from 1996-2009, GTOG8TA Wheel Center Caps  have you covered with a number of choices. Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge owners will find factory replacements for 2001-current models with Mopar Wheel Center Caps. OxGord offers replacement styled center caps for recent Chevy and Ford trucks, and Rugged Ridge Center Caps are designed for various Jeep models from 1959 through today.


When you consider the high quality, excellent value, and effortless installation our wheel center caps offer, there's no reason not to order one or a whole set right now. So give us a call or visit us online - and don't let us catch you driving with holes in your wheels!