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What Is Wheel Diameter And How Is It Measured?

Diameter is the most familiar wheel dimension: When someone says they have 20" rims, they're referring to the wheel diameter. True diameter of a wheel is the distance between bead-seating areas (where the tire seals to the rim) as measured across the center of the rim, not including the wheel flanges. Wheel diameter determines how much of the wheel you see when looking at a car or truck. As diameter increases, more surface area of the wheel is visible.

It wasn't so long ago that 14" and 15" rims were standard wheel sizes for most cars, both as OEM equipment and as popular aftermarket designs. Today, 16"  and 17" rims are standard on most lower-priced cars, with 19" and 20" factory option packages for performance models. And in the aftermarket, the sky's the limit with wheel sizes up to 30" and beyond. In fact, we’ve even got 34” wheels!