Custom Wheels 1


 If you're considering upgrading your car or truck with larger custom wheels or OEM factory wheels, you've come to the right place. We’ve got lots of stylish wheels with a wide variety of finishes: chrome, black, matte, custom-painted colors, and much more. If you’ve seen a set of rims on a passing car or truck that you really like, we’re certain you’ll find them on our website.


 In this article, we’ll cover some basic terms you’ll come across during the ordering process for any wheel. We will define terms you may not be familiar with – such as offset, centerbore, backspacing, bolt pattern, and more. These, and others below, are all measurements for different dimensions of the wheel, and each one affects whether a wheel is going to properly fit on your make and model. Just as the sleeve length on a shirt or the inseam on a pair of pants has to be right for them to fit your body, your wheels must have the right dimensions to fit properly on your car or truck.