Caliper Cover Advantages -3

Caliper Cover Advantages -3

Some vehicle models offered rear disc brakes as an option on certain trim level packages. Using a 2008 Chevy Silverado (LS trim level) or a 2012 Ford Focus (SE trim level) as examples, you'll be prompted to enter whether your specific vehicle has rear disc or rear drum brakes. Once that information is supplied, the caliper cover kits presented will correspond to the brake setup on your car or truck. 


Just some of the many variations of MGP Caliper Covers. 

 We don't want you to be concerned when you're in the process of ordering your caliper covers. We know that the expectation is to be able to install these beautiful covers on both the front and rear brakes of your ride. The simple reality is, your vehicle may not have the disc-brake setup in the rear which would be required for such an installation. On the bright side, you'll only be paying for the two front covers that you do need.

 Please don't let that dissuade you from placing an order! Whether it's just the fronts, or all fours, a set of caliper covers is guaranteed to transform the looks of your car or truck!