Aluminum alloy to help the development of new energy vehicles

  At the just concluded 2017 Shanghai International Auto Show, from 18 homes and regions of the 1400 vehicles "contests". In addition to a variety of luxury cars to attract people outside the eye, in the car energy-saving emission reduction and lightweight development background, the show the most interesting than a total of 159 new energy show car debut, accounting for more than 10% For the history of the most.

  Because of the low energy density of the battery and the heavy weight of the new energy vehicles (especially electric vehicles), the new energy vehicles are more prominent than traditional cars in order to achieve longer driving range.

  Aluminum because of its small density, good corrosion resistance, and excellent plastic alloy, easy to recover and other excellent performance, a new energy vehicles to achieve the preferred material lightweight. With the domestic manufacturers and parts manufacturers continue to mature technology, aluminum in the domestic new energy vehicles on the use of the proportion and components are also increasing. For example, the auto show in the Beiqi booth exhibited pure electric small SUV (ARCFOX-1), the use of aluminum alloy body skeleton structure, and the use of a large number of non-metallic composite material outside the cover, to a certain extent, reduced body weight The The first appearance of the car show Wei to the car on display ES8-type household electric vehicles, in the body frame, the use of 100% aluminum manufacturing, and even motor and battery packs are aluminum products, in the lightweight on the improvement.

  "Road anxiety" problem has been plagued by the development of electric vehicles, a bottleneck problem, in the lightweight design and lightweight materials under the help of the show debut of a variety of new energy vehicles, mileage has been significantly improved in the mileage , Generally able to reach 300 to 500 km.

  In the new energy commercial vehicles, the application of aluminum is also deepening. At the show, Suzhou Aojie Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Aojie shares") brought the company designed from 2 cubic meters to 16 cubic meters of five city pure electric vehicle, Aluminum body and new energy power combined to redefine the city new energy logistics vehicles. Among them, LEV-4, LEV-7, LEV-13 and other three new cars for the first time released.

  The company staff told reporters that Aojie shares since 2007 began to focus on aluminum lightweight body research and development, has accumulated a number of patents. This time, the company in the depth of research, for the city logistics operation status and transportation needs, the use of new technology design and development of a variety of models, suitable for different levels of logistics vehicles to solve the problem of urban logistics and distribution.