Advantages of Forged Wheels

Advantages of Forged Wheels

1. Much Stronger, Lighter, It mea ns--Much Better Performance and Safer during Driving

2. Production Process

    Forged wheels has Greater structural integrity and less mass--So Much stronger and lighter for better performance.

    Casting wheels: Liquid aluminum become wheels inside a mold.

3. Production Pressure

    Forging: Pressure of 10,000 tons (Ten Thousand Tons) forged billets into blank wheels--Much better Strenght

    Low Pressure Casting: Inject liquid aluminum into a mold

4. Side Cutting of  Wheel Barrel

    Side Cutting show, material in Forged wheel is much denser and evenly distributed.--It means stronger and more comfortable during driving!

5. Granite Structure under microscope

    Forged Granite Structure Denser and more evenly distributed.

    Cast Granite Structure under microscope

6. Mechanical Property of  Material

           Testing bars from spokes

                                 Forged           Cast

Tensile strenght        340 Mpa      214 Mpa

Yielding strength      310 Mpa      114 Mpa

Elongation rate            16%             5-7%

Forged wheels Material has remarkable advantages in mechanical property, compared to cast wheels material! They will increase the safety under extreme circumstances!