20x9, 20x10.5 2-PC Forged Wheels For CadillacCTS-V D3 Edition

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20x9, 20x10.5 2-PC Forged Wheels For CadillacCTS-V D3 edition

CTS-V D3 edition (3)

This style can be drilled into other PCD and various finishes ( Silver, Black, Matt Black, Black/Machine face or lip, Hyper silver, Hyper Black, Sputtering, Chrome or others) as your requirements.

     You can choose from our inventory/warehouse/stock without minimum quantity requirements,or place orders to producewhat you want.  

Super Lightweight

All wheels are checked by X-RAY testers, Helium or Water Air-leakage testers, Metallurgical Inspectors, Balancing Testers, Run-out Testers etc.


2, Strength Assurance

Based on American Standard--SAE, Japanese standard--VIA/JWL or Germany Standard-- TUV, we do Impact testing, Cornering Fatigue testing, and Radial Fatigue testing.

3, Dust free

Painting line is sealed, and dust-free.


4, Small Minimum Order:

4 wheels on each part number can be acceptable for production.

5, Big inventory (70,000 wheels) for various choices and instant shipment:

from our warehouse, you can choose even 4 wheels to cover more various car models.

6, Use your logo for your wheels.


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