20inch 21inch 2-Piece Custom Forged Wheels

20inch 21inch 2-Piece Custom Forged Wheels
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20inch 21inch 2-Piece Custom Forged Wheels

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1, Strong Designing and Engineering Ability

2, Efficient Production Line

3, Making Customers’ logo

4, Quality Assurance


We use foam cover, thick foam flange ring, plastic bag, flange protecter, and carton board, and box to make each wheel good protection during delivery. 


Q1:Can I order one set for private use ?
A1:Sure we can provide the suitable wheels as your car mold .

Q2:How can I buy them ?
A2:Please let me know your demand ,and we will quote you asap .After your confirmation , we will draft the contract on alibaba ,do the trade assurance .
Trade assurance is a safe payment methods from alibaba.You can read the link: http://service.alibaba.com/buyer/cp/tradeassurance/guide.php

Q3:Can I pay on other methods ?
A3:Yes , you can pay on any other way you like , but when you pay on paypal , we charge extra 4.3% .

SUSHA now has quality 20inch 21inch 2-piece custom forged wheels for sale, which is a professional such manufacturer in China. Catering to customers' requirement, custom products and wholesale service are also offered. Should you are interested in it, please feel free to contact our factory or our branch companies to buy cheap 20inch 21inch 2-piece custom forged wheels at low price with us.