18inch 19inch Custom 5X114.3 5X120 Forged Wheels

18inch 19inch Custom 5X114.3 5X120 Forged Wheels
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18inch 19inch Custom 5X114.3 5X120 Forged wheels


1, Monoblock forged wheels---one-piece A6061 T6 forged wheels

17"------17x7  17x7.5  17x8   17x8.5  17X9     17x9.5  17X10   

18"------18x7.5 18x8   18x8.5  18x9    18x9.5    18x10  18x10.5  18X12  18X13

19"------ 19x8.5 19x9   19x9.5  19x10    19x10.5  19X11

20"-------20x8  20x8.5  20x9   20x9.5   20x10    20x10.5   20x11

21"-------21x9  21x9.5  21x10   21x10.5  21x11    21x11.5    21x12

22"-------22x9  22x9.5  22x10  22x10.5  22X11  22X12


2-piece and 3 piece wheels:


18"------18x8    18x8.5  18x9    18x9.5    18x10

19"------19x8.5  19x9   19x9.5  19x10    19x10.5  19X11  19x12

20"------20x8.5   20x9   20x9.5   20x10    20x10.5   20x11  20x12   20x13

21"------21x8.5   21x9   21x9.5   21x10    21x10.5   21x11   21x12

22"------22x8.5   22x9  22x9.5  22x10  22x10.5  22X11  22X12  22x12.5  22x13


2, Finishes:

we can make painted (any color, such black, silver, Gun Metal, etc) wheels,

or chrome wheels, or polished wheels as per your specific requirements!


3, Designs:

We can make designs for your choice. Our R&D team have 17 years experience in alloy wheels.

or if you show us your favorite designs in picture or drawing or sketch, we will make the drawing for your confirmation as well.

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